Day Before Moving

Posted: May 22nd, 2010 under parenting, socialization.
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All the furniture to be moved is now at M-‘s present address, ready for pickup Monday morning.

A few more boxes will be packed today.    SO glad we’re moving a twin bed and not a double!   I was able to get mattress and then box springs into the hall myself, while the guys moved the red chair from the old big van into M-‘s present address.   The bedframe had to go out through the window (very wide windows in front of this house) and no panes were broken.    It was a tricky maneuver, as the side rails of this bed do not come off with the tools we have, so the whole bed–with its headboard and footboard–had to be moved in one piece.   R- thought out how to do it and he was right.

M- is  still excited and at the same time apprehensive…perfectly normal feelings for someone in his situation.    Although I have done some of the work, and R- has helped muscle the big stuff here and there (the two of them are a formidable pair on that front!)  M- has done the most,  much of it independently.

Though if you’re going to have your inexperienced young person help with packing up–be sure they understand that painters’ tape will not hold a box together.   It can be interesting (!) when the bottom of the box comes apart.

Of course we’re thinking of hundreds of things we haven’t thought of before that he needs to know.  Don’t—but always do–but never do–but sometimes do, if it seems reasonable…   Too late now.  We need to let go and let him find out for himself.  Ultimately, when we’re long gone, he’s either got the ability to figure things out…or not.  And if not, better to find it out now, than later.

Best get back to it.  I still need to get the Elfa closet organizer out, the baskets nested, and the frame in the car.

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