Apr 14

Thursday in Austin

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 April 14th, 2015

On Thursday at 11:30 am, I will be the author guest at Coffee with the Author,  an event sponsored by Holy Grounds, the coffee/book/gift shop at St. David’s Episcopal Church downtown.   There’s a half hour interview/Q&A/etc.  with Jennifer Stayton of KUT keeping the program on track and on time.   Afterwards, lunch downtown sounds like a good idea–including at St. David’s.

This should be fun; I’m really looking forward to it, and hope for good weather so we can enjoy the outdoor terrace–but if it rains there’s plenty of inside space too.

For those in the area but unfamiliar with the venue, St. David’s is between San Jacinto and Trinity, between 7th and 8th–it, and its parking garage, take up the whole block.   The entrance to the church is across the street from the Omni Hotel.   There’s parking available in the garage (you can sign in at the main desk to get a parking voucher) or you can take a bus.

The bookstore will have copies of The Speed of Dark and Oath of Fealty if you don’t have them already and I will be bringing, for show & tell, the proof copy of Deeds of Honor, the print-on-demand paperback of my first indie-published eBook.

If you’re in the area, and can come, I’d love to see you there.

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Oct 05

Sigh…mea culpa time

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 October 5th, 2011

So…apologies first, excuses next.   I have shamefully neglected this blog for far too long.   The excuses include having a publishing schedule for fiction that meant writing books half-again longer in the same period of time, the need to keep up the blog for those books and increase the posts to it with the publishing schedule, and some serious health issues in the family (multiple hospitalizations, tests, and surgeries for one family member in the past 18 months.)   But still.  This blog deserves at least a weekly something, and yet…I can’t promise it’s going to get it.   I’ll do my best.

Topics keep coming up, and I make note of them and sometimes even start blog posts over on the writing side of the computer (drafts of posts are in the vaults of the data drive.)    But they haven’t made it through editing and over here.   I’ll be using up these first, in hopes of having time to do some others later.    They’ll be in order of  how finished they are.   (Yes, that sounds lazy.  Yes, it probably is.  But I have a fiction book on deadline and that fiction buys the groceries and keeps power to the computer.)

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Feb 06


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 February 6th, 2010

Elizabeth lost Internet access this morning. We don’t know why or what happened, but my guess is the problem is at her ISP or further up the line. No idea when it’ll get fixed, could be in 5 minutes, could be much later.

I hope that because I am posting this, the fates will restore her access immediately.


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Dec 08

Hello world!

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This blog begins a discussion of The Speed of Dark and other issues related to the social and political implications of the neuro-typical/neuro-non-typical interface.

In future, I expect to be writing another book–this one non-fiction–which may help families and friends of persons with autism-spectrum neurology find happier ways to relate to one another.

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