First Week Post-Move

Posted: May 29th, 2010 under education, life on the spectrum, parenting.
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It was all moving, actually.  One of us was down there every day (husband on Monday and Friday, me on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) and M- came home Friday with husband for the weekend.   Or part of it.   Like many college students, he brought laundry to do at home (but he did it, not me.)  

I was specifically forbidden to bring dirty clothes home when I was in college and–misunderstanding my mother’s point–I stayed up late the last nights before college breaks ensuring that only the clothes I had on were dirty when I got home.    Apparently, some of the children of my mother’s friends had both shipped dirty clothes home to be laundered (!!!) and brought home suitcases full of dirty clothes for their mother to care for.    I wouldn’t have done that; I’d been doing laundry since (um…when was it?  Years, anyway.)   Since M- has been doing his own laundry for some years now, I didn’t feel it necessary to give any dire warnings.

However, we did have additional chores ready for him (like hauling tree trimmings down to the brush pile on the land)  which he’s not that fond of (hauling branches down the field is just not that fun, admittedly) and he’s ready to go back after church and stay in the city rather than spend the rest of the holiday weekend with us here.    The apartment complex swimming pool is calling…and the kinds of chores his dad and I can think of for him here are not.   I think this is very healthy.

Aside from the need to go down every day and do something helpful,  the first week went well.    There were little glitches, but nothing major.   His classes start June 1;  he’s got all his textbooks and things.    I will need to go down at least once this coming week to set up his internet access to the college’s secure website for receiving important info and a few other things, but we shouldn’t have to be there every day.

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  • Comment by OtterB — May 31, 2010 @ 7:16 am


    Congrats on a successful move! And I also think that a preference for the apartment pool over hauling branches sounds like a perfectly sensible choice.

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